Last month Incisive Health’s internship scheme celebrated its first birthday. Find out what makes our scheme stand out and how it could help you become part of the future of our industry.

We launched our internship scheme because we recognise how hard it can be to break into the world of policy consultancy and because we want to ensure that the best and the brightest are given opportunities, irrespective of their background or who they know.

Since then we have offered our interns unprecedented training opportunities and exposure to the diversity of health policy and communications, as well as a chance to experience consultancy life. We believe that it is no coincidence that almost all of the young professionals who enrolled in our scheme have gone on to secure permanent full-time employment in the sector, including two, Greg Manuel and Aalia Kazi, who joined our team of consultants on a permanent basis.

For graduates, taking the step into the world of work can be daunting. Our internship scheme offers the opportunity to explore a new sector, gain experience and earn a decent wage. The Incisive Health scheme stands out for three reasons.

First of all, we pay our interns the London Living Wage, helping to ensure that we are not inadvertently excluding any candidates from applying on the basis of not being able to afford living in London. Many consultancies talk a good game on opening up opportunity. Yet simply paying the minimum wage, or a little bit above it, can be insufficient to support people who aren’t lucky enough to have a London base. By paying the London Living Wage, we ensure our programme is genuinely accessible to the best and the brightest, whatever their background and wherever they live.

Then there is the varied nature of the work itself. At Incisive Health, we see it as our duty to offer our interns a full experience of work in a dynamic consultancy environment. That means exposing them to as many facets of our work as possible and entrusting them with delivering high quality, incisive work that supports our consultants in achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Finally, we place great importance on independent thinking. As part of the scheme, our interns are supported to complete a personal project on a topic of their choosing, building up expertise in a given area of health policy and culminating with a presentation to our founding partners at the end of their internship. These projects are not just about personal development, but also about our interns leading on a piece of work that will benefit the whole consultancy, showcasing their talents to the whole team in the process.

Over a year on from launching our internship programme, we remain as committed as ever to creating the opportunities for talented people to begin their careers in health policy. So if you want to become part of the future of our industry and join our award-winning team, please apply here.