Communiqué Specialist Consultancy of the Year, 2016

The judges said:

“This consultancy had a really strong balance of credibility and agility. They had huge depth of expertise and it was really clear that this came through in their client satisfaction rates and their referral rates. As a business they are absolutely on it and they are delivering strong growth. Very importantly they’re involving their team in identifying and addressing business challenges to really strong effect.”

Communiqué Small Consultancy of the Year, 2016

The judges said:

“Incisive Health stood out this year with an awesome and inspiring entry! The diverse nature of outcomes produced was incredibly impressive and showed how making a real difference in the industry is a priority for the team. With a clear sense of market identity, good leadership and an emphasis on developing entry-level talent, Incisive Health is a brilliant and authentic industry leader.”

Communiqué Writing Excellence, 2016, for My Crohn’s and Colitis Care for Crohn’s and Colitis UK and AbbVie

We created a guide to empower people living with inflammatory bowel disease to get the best out of their healthcare services, taking national standards designed for clinicians and making them relevant and accessible for patients.

The judges said:

“This project took a great approach and showed strong evidence of success. The team did a fantastic job of distilling a really complex piece of work into clear writing that showed good patient engagement. It would obviously be empowering for patients.”

Communiqué Excellence in Communication – Payers and Policymakers, 2016

We supported our client, BIVDA, to forge consensus about the need for improved access to testing to enable patients to benefit from precision medicines – resulting in the Government acting to guarantee funding for tests.

The judges said:

“If the NHS is going to deliver personalised medicine for cancer there is significant work to be done in molecular diagnostics. This well thought through programme sets out the road map to allow it to happen and demonstrated change for something the NHS were doing with clear and tangible outcomes and an air of positivity.”

Communiqué Writing Excellence, 2015, for Saving Lives, Averting Costs for Cancer Research UK

We created a comprehensive economic analysis and supporting materials, bringing to life the health and financial benefits of earlier diagnosis of cancer. The result was unprecedented levels of engagement from clinical commissioners in issues relating to the early diagnosis of cancer and national action to accelerate efforts to save lives and avert costs.

The judges said:

“Extremely well argued and persuasive – this very readable and well-researched piece of work honestly highlighted a problem and generated good coverage. It was clear, logically laid out and was also very effective – being picked up by both media and government. In terms of relevance it was spot on.”

PR Week New Consultancy of the Year Award, 2014

We won the prestigious New Consultancy of the Year Award – open to consultancies with less than two years of trading – with just nine months of trading under our belt.

The judges said:

“Incisive Health has gained a significant foothold in the highly competitive healthcare communications market. Winning a host of high profile clients, capturing attention through clever, targeted and eye-catching PR and making a series of strong hires, Incisive Health has far exceeded expectations, creating a strong, sustainable and profitable business in less than a year. The consultancy is already delivering big wins for its clients and the health sector is voting with its feet, resulting in a client list which would be the envy of most more established consultancies.”