Like many people after university, I wasn’t sure what my next step should be. Having studied a medical science degree – and with a keen interest in politics – I knew that I wanted to work somewhere I’d be able to apply my knowledge and skills in a creative way to help people live healthier and happier lives. When I looked into the Incisive Health internship, I was immediately interested in the way that the team brought together policy expertise and passion to make a real difference.

The internship programme

Joining the team as an intern, I recognised the genuine interest from everyone in making sure my time at Incisive Health benefited me both personally and professionally. The opportunity to be mentored by senior members of the team, whilst conducting independent research, was unique. I relished the opportunity to explore a particular area of health policy through the ‘personal project’ component of the internship – for me, it was clinical trial regulations in the EU. Plus, the fact that the internship paid me London Living Wage meant that I had the opportunity to explore a potential career, whilst earning a living.

After my six weeks on the programme, I was delighted to be offered a permanent position as an Account Executive.

Fast forward three and a half years, and I now manage the internship programme. Having been an intern previously, it feels great to be able to share my expertise with people who are just starting out in their careers. I’ve also played a big part in shaping the programme itself, ensuring that it continues to attract ambitious individuals looking to start their career in the sector.

Tips for applying

If you’re looking to apply for our next round of recruitment, there are a few things that make a great impression when we review applications:

  • Tell us what has motivated you to look for a job in health policy specifically
  • A genuine interest in the issues of the day in both health and politics
  • An enthusiasm for learning and development
  • And of course, a well-structured and grammatically-correct cover letter and CV!

One of the most satisfying parts of managing the internship programme is when an intern we’ve worked closely with for eight weeks becomes a full-time member of the team – we’re always very proud when our interns are offered a permanent position. Scroll down to find out a bit more about some of our recent intern scheme graduates.


Hear more from our former interns

Lawrence Atkins

Hoping to gain experience in policy and public affairs, I applied for the internship in spring 2018. An International Relations graduate, I had recently returned from a few months of travelling, having previously worked in education.

The internship was an excellent introduction to the sector – I very quickly felt immersed in the field. I valued being trusted to take forward work independently, whilst knowing there was a supportive team to guide my development. Over the eight weeks, I worked with a range of client teams and on various projects, allowing me to learn a lot in a relatively short period of time. Moreover, the Incisive Health team were very welcoming, each with their own specialities and interests to learn from. The personal project is a particular highlight of the internship, allowing you to properly take ownership of a piece of work about a topic you are interested in. My project compared the health system in Scotland and England, looking at their experiences of approaching similar issues in different ways, exploring opportunities for cross-border learning across various areas.

As an Account Executive now, I work with both the London and Brussels teams on a whole range of clients. The teams have been supportive in helping me both develop my client portfolio and grow my own interests. The variation in consultancy work is both one of the most challenging and enjoyable parts of the job, but the skills I picked up during my internship have helped me hit the ground running. It also puts me in a good position to support our new interns learn the ropes.


Antonio Marino

As someone who was entirely new to the world of health policy, the internship provided me with an excellent opportunity to develop a strong knowledge base in the field, which has served me well ever since. In addition to gaining exposure to a brilliant team and their range of expertise, I was also able, through the research project, to pursue an area that genuinely interested me and thereby hone the skills essential to policy consultancy.

I applied to the internship in the summer of 2017, soon after completing a degree in History. Without a clear idea of what I wanted to do, I was looking to gain experience in a field where I could combine my interest in policy-making with the research skills that I had developed while at university.

The internship scheme allowed me to do exactly this. Over the programme, I spent the majority of my time supporting the team on client projects, which ranged from analysing the Government’s performance against its own manifesto pledges, to preparing briefings for MPs on hepatitis C in the UK. Meanwhile, I was able to develop and nurture my own interests through the research project, which I chose to complete on the role of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

The scheme proved to be a valuable launchpad for a permanent position within the team, as I quickly became familiar with the company’s ways of working and the diverse spectrum of issues that our clients are engaged in. Looking back, I would urge anyone in my position to pursue the internship as a first step into the world of policy consultancy.