Incisive Health is a multi-award-winning consultancy uniquely specialised in health policy and communications with offices in Brussels and London. We are proud to have been named as one of the best consultancies in Brussels by the 2019 Best in Brussels report. Our Brussels team is “rapidly making waves in healthcare”.

We work with our clients to deliver real change on complex, pressing and contentious issues. Our 38-strong multilingual, multinational team of experts, including eight based in Brussels, understands how to cut through the noise to deliver real policy change, forge relationships, enhance reputation and – ultimately – improve patients’ lives.

We deliver European and national level programmes tailored to our clients’ needs. Where needed, we can call on our network of health policy advisors in key European markets to develop the best team. We know how to change minds, mobilise advocates and deliver results. Our work has changed policy and transformed lives.

Our services range from market access communications and strategy development to media campaigns and clinical advocacy, all underpinned by a deep understanding of health policy and European politics. To better serve our clients, we have developed a series of methodologies which enable us to deliver the best possible advice and create the foundations for creative strategies and impactful programmes.

We are all about driving change!

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