More than 5,000 people over the age of 80 are set to spend Christmas Day in A&E, according to new research by Incisive Health.

Analysis of A&E figures, reported in today’s Telegraph (23 December 2016), reveal that the number of patients over the age of 80 visiting A&E departments in December has risen by a quarter over the last six years – from 120,968 in December 2010 to 151,340 in December 2015 – with an average annual increase of five percent.

If this trend continues then men and women over the age of 80 will visit A&E 158,907 times this December – or 5,126 a day.

The findings come after our analysis in The Guardian earlier this week reported that the NHS was set to experience the toughest winter yet, with record numbers of people visiting A&E and being admitted to hospital over the coming months.

Commenting on the analysis, Associate Director Ben Nunn said:

“These figures are symbolic of the wider pressures facing the NHS this winter. Our population is getting older and a growing number of frail elderly people will find themselves in A&E over the Christmas period. How hospitals cope with this increasing demand will determine how well the NHS performs this winter.”