Revealed: this year’s must-have health policy Christmas present

Dec 12, 2017 | By Elizabeth Beck | Posted in Incisive Health

As you decorate your tree and try not to slip on the newly fallen snow, there is one more present to add to your Christmas wish list - Incisive Health’s Sustainability and Transformation Planks #STPlanks

Times are tough. Health services have precious few resources and managers are faced with difficult decisions about what services to remove.

How will you fare in this game of skill and luck? What services can you remove and still keep the system standing? 

Sustainability and Transformation Planks requires you to cooperate with colleagues (or are they rivals?) to balance competing demands.

As demand rises, players will face tough decisions on which planks of the system to remove.

New models of care will need to be implemented, but clumsy top-down interventions could cause the whole thing to come crashing down.

And remember, whoever causes a crash will be held accountable...

Has Santa not delivered your set of Sustainability and Transformation Planks? Keep your eyes peeled for an opportunity to win this year’s must-have health policy present…

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