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Mar 19, 2018 | By Ed McIntosh | Posted in Incisive Health

Too busy trying to find any new money for the NHS in the small print of the Spring Statement to look at Twitter? Here’s our round up of what you might have missed last week

  • The @BMJ_latest explored the factors behind the excess deaths that hit the headlines last week – and found it wasn’t the aging population, the weather or the flu
  • A long read from the @WEF on a deadly but little known tropical disease, that’s “so neglected that the World Health Organization doesn’t even list it as a neglected tropical disease”
  • We’ve all felt frustrated when the most recent publically available NHS data feels out of date, but this blog from PHE gives an insight into why quality assurance matters
  • A thread setting out the findings of the @nuffieldtrust and @RCPCHtweets report on UK child health
  • The next big thing in the immortality industry could be mind-uploading, though it comes with a rather large catch
  • Could ‘coffee napping’ be the best way to recharge?
  • The potential for AI to transform healthcare through improved diagnostics is clear, but challenges and risks remain
  • How a failed 19th century quest to prevent malaria left a young scientist mauve faced
  • When what goes up comes down different 
  • Measuring variation in genomes.. with emojis

And finally 

  • The scientific merit of some trials is more immediately evident than others 

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