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Health policy is fast-paced, and making an impact relies on both understanding the detail and being able to see the big picture. As specialists in health, we are able to make links between issues and across geographies that others won’t. We conduct our own proprietary research to help give our clients an edge.

Care deserts: the impact of a dysfunctional market in adult social care provision

May 2019

Incisive Health partnered with Age UK to investigate the social care market in England and explore whether 'care deserts' have developed

An international comparison of long-term care funding and outcomes: insights for the social care green paper

August 2018

By 2068 there will be an extra 8.6 million people aged 65 or over living in the UK, with over-65s making up 26% of the population. With more of us living longer and many people having one or more long-term conditions, more people will need access to long-term care. Incisive Health partnered with Age UK to examine what five other countries have done to respond to the question of how long-term care should be funded and delivered.

The state of cancer: An analysis of public attitudes towards NHS cancer services in England

August 2018

Half of us will be diagnosed with cancer during our lifetime and the number of new diagnoses is projected to rise. Our report, in partnership with Populus, found cancer remains the most feared disease in England and the public’s top priority for NHS investment, ahead of dementia, heart disease and depression.

Getting what we pay for: Building the long-term plan for world class health and care services

July 2018

Drawing on insights of a group of experts, this report reviews how to build a long term plan for health and care that uses money wisely and builds support for the priorities and changes that will be required.

Taking the pulse of e-Health in the EU

December 2017

Digital innovation in healthcare is one of the ‘hot’ topics in EU health policy. Our report takes a closer look at growing demand for health apps across Europe, and uptake of digital health on the ground.

Local NHS facing up to tough choices: STPs early areas of action

August 2016

Incisive Health was commissioned by 38 Degrees to undertake an analysis of progress made by STPs to date. We reviewed draft materials made available for each footprint, revealing evidence of big service changes ahead.

The state of health in Europe

May 2016

An analysis of public attitudes towards health issues across France, Germany, Italy, Spain Poland and the UK: read our interactive digital summary of our ground-breaking report on European attitudes to health.

Saving lives, averting costs

September 2014

Incisive Health was commissioned by Cancer Research UK to analyse the financial consequences of earlier diagnosis in planning cancer services. Our findings show that there is a clear financial dividend from earlier diagnosis, as well as a compelling case for improving cancer survival.

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