Incisive Health has today published a new report, Getting what we pay for: Building the long-term plan for world class health and care services.

The report draws on the insights of a group of experts we gathered to discuss how to make the most of the opportunity created by the NHS funding injection. Led by our senior counsels – Richard Douglas and Professor Mike Richards – the discussions identified that, although the forthcoming long-term NHS plan will be important in setting the focus for the health and care services, it will be implementation which determines whether this summer marks a turning point for the NHS.

Many in the NHS feel ground down by relentless pressures and it will be important to rebuild confidence and goodwill. However, simply getting back to what we had before will fail. Instead, NHS leaders need to build consent for radical disruption, changing the way in which services are delivered and people engage with clinicians and the health service.

We hope the ideas presented in this report will be a helpful contribution to thinking on the next steps for the NHS, enabling us all to get what we will pay for in the coming years.

We have also written about the report in a piece published in the HSJ, which you can read here.